Experiance Rates
Minimum level Maximun level Multiplier
1 50 75x
51 100 65x
101 150 55x
151 200 45x
201 250 35x
251 Unlimited 25x

Server Rates
Skills Magic Loot Drop Gold Drop Monster Spawn
16x 8x 3x 15x 6x

Regen & Rune Charges

Runes conjured by players have x3 charges

Runes purchased from NPCs have normal charges

Regen x3 Health Points Mana Points
No Vocation 3hp every 6 seconds 3mp every 6 seconds
Sorcerer/Druid 3hp every 6 seconds 6mp every 3 seconds
Paladin 3hp every 4 seconds 6mp every 4 seconds
Knight 3hp every 3 seconds 6mp every 6 seconds
Master Sorcerer/Elder Druid 3hp every 4 seconds 6mp every 2 seconds
Royal Paladin 3hp every 3 seconds 6mp every 3 seconds
Elite Knight 3hp every 2 seconds 6mp every 4 seconds
1hp every second 4mp every second
3hp every second 12mp every second

PvP Information
World Type pvp
Rune Hotkeys No
Battle Window Targeting PvE Only
Protection level 0
Kills for Red Skull (Day/Week/Month) 3/9/27
Kills to banishment 6/18/54
Red Skull ban duration 6 hours
Experience from killing players No
White skull duration 5 minutes
Protection Zone lock (non lethal attack) 15 seconds
Stair jump exhaust No

Other Server Information
Free premium Yes
House rent period monthly
Idle AFK Logout time Unlimited
One layer online per account No
Max players online server limit Unlimited

Players: 4
Accounts: 292
Characters: 386
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