Travelling Trader (Rashid)

The Travelling Trader can be found in all the locations Rashid would spawn on all days.

The Travelling Trader will buy all Rashid items.
No quest required.

The Travelling Trader will also buy Blue and Green Djinn items,
but only after you have completed the Djinn War quest.

Free Banuta Access

The Ape City quest is not required to enture the teleporter to the depths of banuta.

However you still need to smash the Canopic Jars and pull all the levers on the deeper levels.


Henri ("Inquisition" Blessing)

Henri can be found in the Thais prison and can sell you all 5 blessings.

He will sell you all 5 blessings for 110k.

Having all 5 blessings will also protect you from dropping any items on death (Unless you have a red skull).

Grizzled Aarons (Task Master)

Grizzled Aarons is the Task Manager and can be found in Port Hope.

Complete his monster hunting tasks to receive EXP, Gold and Item rewards!.

There is no limit to how many tasks you can start at once, but you need to come back and see him to collect the rewards.

You can use chat command "!tasks" to check the status of each task.


Black Bert (Quest Item Trader)

If you lose a quest item, I'm sure it will end up in Black Bert's inventory..

If you lose an item and it's not available, open a tick on the helpdesk.

(This is for lost quest items, not to sell quest items to skip doing them. Contact a GM to request missing quest items be added.)

Quick Stack Gold

You can right click coins to exchange a stack or split to coins.


Backpacks of Mana

You can purchase "backpacks" of mana/flide fluid from NPCs.

3 Backpack of Mana Fluid

Crafting Life Rings

You can right click life crystals to craft lfe rings.

Careful though, they might just break.


Powerleveling - Full Shared Experiance

Shared Exp restriations have been nerfed, you can now powerlevel your friends and alts.

  • Level Gap No Level Gap Restrictions
  • 30x30x1 Range Limit 100x100x7 Shared Exp Range
  • All players must help Players don't need to contribute, just get EXP!

You can toggle exp sharing in a party with chat command "!share"


Valuable Loot Indicators

If a monster is killed and dropped a valuable item, the tile where the monster died will show a notification indicating the items value for the next few seconds.



(Less than 1k value)



(1-5k value)



(5-10k value)



(10-30k value)



(Over 30k value or uniques)

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