20 June 2019 (18:58) -
The hosting server (my provider) was restarted for maintenan...
03 June 2019 (16:20) -
Granted free access to Banuta, you can still do the quest, b...
03 June 2019 (16:19) -
Removed shared exp level different gap
03 June 2019 (16:19) -
added 4 more demon spawns
31 May 2019 (03:36) -
Added commands for !level, !skills, !magic to just show a pr...

  05 Jun 2019 - Client Update

New Client Update includes a number of new (old) sprites. These are all real sprites, taken from as far back as the 3.0 client. 

Please download the new client. There are also some new/adjusted items.

Thanks :)

posted by GM Panther

  01 Jun 2019 - New Old Wands added

A number of new items have been introduced into the loot tables for monsters/quests. Please be sure to download the new client to avoid debug errors when looting these new items.

posted by GM Panther

  29 May 2019 - A new trader

Another friendly trader has joined us.

Bert will sell you some quest items, as long as you have previously owned them.

posted by GM Panther

  03 May 2019 - A New Quest

We don't have the Inquisition, but we have Henry. 

posted by GM Panther

  10 Apr 2019 - The Old Wands?

The old wands?

posted by GM Panther

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