Custom Features

Travelling Trader

The Travelling Trader visits several towns and will buy many items. He will even buy Dhinn items from either faction as long as you've earned 1 Djinn Leader's trust.
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Changing Gold

img You can right click coins to exchange a stack or split to coins.
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Loot Rarity Indicators

img Common
(Less than 1k value)
img Uncommon
(1-5k value)
img Rare
(5-10k value)
img Epic
(10-30k value)
img Legandary
(Over 30k value or uniques)
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Blank and Spell Runes

img Blank runes are stackable.
Blank runes don't need to be in the hand to conjure spell runes.
img Conjured runes have x2 charges.
Runes purchased from stores cost 2x gold.
Purchased runes come in charge stacks of 20.
Runes can not be re-stacked.
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Backpacks of Fluid

img You can purchase "backpacks" of mana/flide fluid from nps.
3 backpack of mana fluid
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Changing Life Crystals

img You can exchange Life Crystals for Life Rings, but the risk?
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Extra Outfits

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