Custom Features

Travelling Trader (Free Djinn/Rashid)

The Travelling Trader visits several towns and will buy many items.
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Free Banuta Access

img The Ape City quest is not required to enture the depths of banuta.
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Henri ("Inquisition" Blessing)

There's no Inquisition, but there's Henri. Will sell all 5 blessings for 110k.
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Power Leveling - No Exp Share level limits

You can power level with all your friends, new and old. There is no level different cap for exp shareing.
The only restriction for exp sharing is a 100x100x7 sqm/sqm/floor range.
You can toggle exp sharing in a party by typing "!share"
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Custom Regen/Item Rates

All vocations have 2x health and mana regeneration. Store bought runes come stacked up to 20x charges (They do not re-stack). All conjured runes have 2x charges.
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Black Bert (Quest Item Trader)

If you lose a quest item, I'm sure it will end up in Black Bert's inventory.
If you lose an item and it's not available, open a tick on the helpdesk.
(This is for lost quest items, not to sell quest items to skip doing them. Contact a GM to request missing quest items be added.)
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Changing Gold

img You can right click coins to exchange a stack or split to coins.
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Loot Rarity Indicators

img Common
(Less than 1k value)
img Uncommon
(1-5k value)
img Rare
(5-10k value)
img Epic
(10-30k value)
img Legandary
(Over 30k value or uniques)
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Blank and Spell Runes

img Blank runes are stackable.
Blank runes don't need to be in the hand to conjure spell runes.
img Conjured runes have x2 charges.
Runes purchased from stores cost 2x gold.
Purchased runes come in charge stacks of 20.
Runes can not be re-stacked.
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Backpacks of Fluid

img You can purchase "backpacks" of mana/flide fluid from nps.
3 backpack of mana fluid
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Changing Life Crystals

img You can exchange Life Crystals for Life Rings, but the risk?
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