27 September 2019 (08:38)
Raids no longer have a despawn time, if they spawn they will stay until server save.
20 June 2019 (18:58)
The hosting server (my provider) was restarted for maintenance and the server was offline briefly. Server is back online, but apologies for any inconvenience caused.
03 June 2019 (16:20)
Granted free access to Banuta, you can still do the quest, but the teleporter now lets you in to deeper banuta without having to reach mission 9
03 June 2019 (16:19)
Removed shared exp level different gap
03 June 2019 (16:19)
added 4 more demon spawns
31 May 2019 (03:36)
Added commands for !level, !skills, !magic to just show a print out of your skills and level.
20 April 2019 (02:00)
Power bolts are a little more expensive. Burst arrows are now for sale in general stores, as well as small stones.
07 April 2019 (03:55)
Sandra now sells free-account runes in Edron
01 April 2019 (05:41)
Runes from NPCs Some stacked to x20 charges (they do not re-stack). Conjured runes provide x2 charges.
29 March 2019 (19:20)
You can now buy "Backpack of mana fluid" or "Backpack of life fluid"
26 March 2019 (06:47)
Due to a unexpected crash, some players may have lost some progress. This is the first crash I've encountered, and I don't expect it to happen again. apologies for any inconvenience caused.
25 March 2019 (02:43)
Nerfed the Loot drop rates a bit, while testing i found rares to be way to common :) Sorry
24 March 2019 (21:42)
Ammo Shops now sell Power Bolts for 7gp
24 March 2019 (16:25)
Fixed Demon Helmet Wall Switch (It will now remove the wall properly when 2 players step on the switches)
24 March 2019 (06:25)
Fixed the Travelling Trader behaviour. Will now correctly sell Djinn items as long as you've done the Blue or Green Djinn Quest.
18 March 2019 (03:05)
Added "Rashid" type Travelling Traders that buy most items to Thais, Carlin, Edron, Darashia, Port hope, Venore and Ankrahmun
17 March 2019 (03:13)
You can use an empty vial on yourself to fill it with urine.
17 March 2019 (03:13)
Mana fluids now show up much they restored
15 March 2019 (06:49)
Removed PZ From all boats and carpets.
14 March 2019 (05:24)
Updated more old sprites :)
14 March 2019 (05:08)
Increased base regen rate to 3x
14 March 2019 (05:08)
Updated webpage formatting, moved some pages around
13 March 2019 (06:07)
Updated webpage formatting and fixed the Gallery image uploader
11 March 2019 (16:15)
Adjusted re-spawn rates, no longer nearly instant :)
11 March 2019 (04:53)
Skill and loot rates adjusted
07 March 2019 (03:58)
Fixed EXP Share (Create a party and use !share)
06 March 2019 (05:02)
Fixed 'Exana Pox' and Antidote Runes not curing when moving.
06 March 2019 (05:01)
Added Change Coin action (Convert stacks of coins)
01 March 2019 (18:23)
Updated the webpage and server info.
26 February 2019 (21:16)
Updated spells list on server info page.
26 February 2019 (19:27)
Fixed broken runes being sold as "Energy Bombs", they will now work.
25 February 2019 (02:19)
Adjusted server rates and updated info.
Players: 0
Accounts: 220
Characters: 275
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