20 April 2019 (02:00) -
Power bolts are a little more expensive. Burst arrows are no...
07 April 2019 (03:55) -
Sandra now sells free-account runes in Edron
01 April 2019 (05:41) -
Runes from NPCs Some stacked to x20 charges (they do not re-...
29 March 2019 (19:20) -
You can now buy "Backpack of mana fluid" or "...
26 March 2019 (06:47) -
Due to a unexpected crash, some players may have lost some p...

  03 May 2019 - A New Quest

We don't have the Inquisition, but we have Henry. 

posted by GM Panther

  12 Apr 2019 - Massive Monster Balance

I've "fixed" some formulas with monster behaviour. 

Previously they were all a bit lazy with using their skills. You will find them a bit more active now.

They're a lot more aggressive with offensive and defensive spells.


posted by GM Panther

  10 Apr 2019 - The Old Wands?

The old wands?

posted by GM Panther

  01 Apr 2019 - Changes to Rune Making

Blank Runes now stack, and conjured runes can be created from anywhere. (Runes no longer need to be held in your hands).

Be sure to download the new client, here

posted by GM Panther

  26 Mar 2019 - Loot notifications

I've made some changes with how loot notifications work.

I've disabled the old green text loot notifications. Instead, a magical affect will appear over the corpse of a slain monster with the color pending on the rarity of the item.


posted by GM Panther

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